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An Interactive Talk With Shazia Ilmi

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Shazia Ilmi, a renowned name in the Indian political spectrum is a living inspiration. Shazia visited IHE and had an interactive talk with the students of communication and journalism, she narrated her life, her struggles and those lessons that she learnt during her journey.

Be fearless, always have an opinion, keep the activist alive in you forever, become the voice of those who does not have one- are the words often heard, but Shazia's words had this out of the world finesse, which made the same thing, those words to live by while working for the country.

The talk made an understanding about the role of women in the current political scenario of India. She also made the students realise the importance of content and how it is the soul of the work.

She emphasized the message that " Content is the King" using some interesting anecdotes. Ms. Ilmi also talked about how important ethics are in the media line and the need to be sensitive and sensible at the same time. She advised the students to keep up the spirit of Journalism in the coming time, because students will be the one holding the baton! The talk made everyone question themselves and the current scenario to bring up a better version of themselves.

It was a great experience for all the students as well as for all the faculty members.