The success of an educational Institution cannot be measured only in terms of its longevity, but also by the quality of research carried out under its aegis. The staff and students at our Institute have been producing top quality research work as an essential component of their Master and Doctoral Research as well as by undertaking research projects. The compendium of four volumes that the institute has produced on the occasion of its Golden Jubilee is a record of their valuable contributions in different fields of academic research and will hence forth be an annual feature.

The first volume, the journal contains research articles by teaching staff members on subjects as wide ranging as “The issues connected with schooling of Santal Tribal Children in Birbhum”, “The advantages of novel colourants using Microorganisms like Trichoderm spp. for Silk Fabric”, and “The impact of environmental, socio-economic and lifestyle context of dietary patterns on risk factors associated with chronic diseases an age-related decline.” A unique feature is that the articles reflect the inter-disciplinary and collaborative nature of the work carried out by different departments. In order to provide opportunities and further encourage research work, the Institute plans to produce the journey annually.

Ph.D abstracts of the work produced by research scholars registered at the Institute - over the last 25 years- a unique feature of IHE- are collected together in the second volume. The abstracts represent the research carried out by the five departments that exists under the umbrella of Home Science.

The third and the fourth volume collected together the abstracts of the dissertation work undertaken by the Post Graduate students of the Fabric and Apparel Science and the Food and Nutrition department, under the guidance of the faculty from these departments. An essential requirement or the successful completion of the course, the dissertations introduce students to research methodology and analysis.